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Stroke-like brain damage is reduced in mice injected with omega-3s

Researchers have found that omega-3 fatty acids reduced brain damage in a neonatal mouse model of stroke.

Fussy infants find food more rewarding, putting them at higher risk for obesity

Babies that seem to get upset more easily and take longer to calm down may be at higher risk for obesity while babies that exhibit more ‘cuddliness’ and calm...

Soluble corn fiber can help young women build bone, and older women preserve bone

Supplementing with soluble corn fiber at two critical times in a woman’s life — adolescence and post-menopause — can help build and retain calcium in...

Unhealthy diet during pregnancy could be linked to ADHD

A high-fat, high-sugar diet during pregnancy may be linked to symptoms of ADHD in children who show conduct problems early in life, new research indicates.

Study to explore the scale of physical activity, nutritional health messaging at major sporting events

An international consortium is examining how physical activity and nutritional health messages are promoted in the run up to and during large-scale sporting events.

More evidence that 'healthy obesity' may be a myth

The term ‘healthy obesity’ has gained traction over the past 15 years, but scientists have recently questioned its very existence. A new study provides...